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About Us

Scientific and production enterprise “MODUL” is a leading Russian manufacturer for financial companies security equipment, break-in resistant safes and fireproof doors since 1998.
R&D enterprise “MODUL” today holds one of the highest line among Russian companies who provides

Complete Turnkey Bank Construction and Furnishing,
Bank & Fire-protection Equipment Manufacturing
Cash Blocks and Vaults Construction
All Associated Services

Our products include all range for banking services – from banking buildings projecting and construction to banking equipment providing. We supply and service with all necessary modern equipment - from safes and safe deposit boxes modulars our own production up to currency counters and detectors.

Among our customers are:
Raiffeisen Bank,
Sberbank RF,
Central Bank of Russia RF,
and many others.

The main our products are:
Safety Panels (защитные панели)
Vault Doors (бронированные двери)
Bank Safes
Breaking Resistant Safes
Deposit Safes
Radiation Resistant Safes
Cash Sluices (Инкассаторские шлюзы)
Transfer Trays (передаточные лотки)
Safe Deposit Boxes (депозитные ячейки)
Fireproof Doors (противопожарные двери)
Bank Furniture.

All our works are carried under GOST (All-Union State Standard) requirements and they are provided with all technical documentation according to established norm of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs and Bank of Russia.

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